Wear alpaca, fiber of the gods,

Alpacas of Sugar Creek, LLC
Brenda Burns
21764 Hillsdale Ave. Fairview Park, OH 44126
Ph: 440-356-9130

About Us

Welcome! Hopefully you will be able to meet our alpacas and get an opportunity to wear alpaca, especially for those of you who freeze during the winter! Stay warm by cocooning in alpaca!

Have you ever worn alpaca clothing? Or greeted those cold winter mornings in alpaca slipper socks or worn alpaca socks? Imagine wearing alpaca clothing-an alpaca coat, alpaca hat, alpaca scarf, and alpaca gloves that are lightweight and very warm, even on the coldest winter days or nights. Eco-friendly, insulating warmth, hypoallergenic alpaca with no "itch" factor and with incredible versatility in products that can be produced and worn at home, or at work!

Alpaca is a better fiber that is luxurious, warm, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly......alpaca fiber as a sensory experience like no other!   *Soft and warm and lightweight*It cocoons the wearer in luxury and comfort with insulating properties to keep the wearer warm    *Hypoallergenic for allergy sufferers! 

Isn't it time you wore alpaca?

Alpaca makes a wonderful gift for yourself, your family and friends.